Recruiting, connecting, finding and guiding people with a distance to the labor market, especially status holders. The name says it all, “Beautiful People”. Because what could be better than pushing and guiding beautiful people with an enormous drive towards a better future. Beautiful People has developed successful recruitment methods to break through existing barriers. A good match and driven employees for your company or organization are the most important tools and building blocks to be successfull.

To find at the right candidate, not only the resume but also the person behind it is reviewed. The “human” behind the piece of paper. That is the most important.

The ideal workplace doesn’t exist, neither does the perfect employee. However, we can pursue this pursue this by connecting the right people and being open to the unknown.

To find the right job profile, our interest in your organization or company is important. Beautiful People is looking forward to meet your organization or company.

For both the candidate and the company or organization, an introductory meeting is the start for good cooperation, to realize ambitions now and in the future.

Our recruitment and selectionproces starts with an intake interview with the client/employer. Both the organization and the vacancy will be mapped during this intake. The vacancy may occasionally be rewritten to improve the match with the target group.

We will then distribute this vacancy within our network of professionals and make a selection from 3 to 5 candidates. All candidates that are presented have had an intake interview at our office beforehand. Depending on the position, an assessment might be part of the selectionproces, in which the strengths, talents and potential will be measured.

The client ultimately chooses the person who is considered to be the most suitable candidate to fill in the vacancy.

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