Finding, recruiting, placing and guiding people with a distance from the job market, predominantly people with a status. Our name says it all, “Beautiful People”; What is more beautiful than helping and guiding motivated individuals to a new and better future. We have developed a successful recruitment process that breaks through existing barriers for individuals, businesses and organisations creating fitting and long-lasting matches are the building block for success.

In order to find the right candidate for your business or organisation we do not just look at people’s resume’s, we strive to get to know the person behind it. The focus on each individual person is the most important.

There is no such thing as a perfect work environment or employee, we are all individuals, yet we strive to surpass this by connecting employers and employees and opening ourselves up to the unknown.

It is important to us to take an intertest in your company and what your needs are in order to match you with the right candidates.

Our process starts with an introductionary meeting providing a solid foundation for collaboration as to best realise your current, as well as future, endeavours.

Our selection process starts with a meeting with the employer. In this meeting we discuss both the business and the vacancy. If needed we can assist with re-writing the job advert to better suit its target audience.

We extend your vacancy within our network of professionals and make a selection of three to five candidates to introduce to you. Prior to introduction these candidates will have been interviewed and assessed by us determining their strengths, talents and possible issues we can offer support with in order to sustain long lasting work relations.

For the final selection the employer choses the candidate he or she deems most suitable for the project or position.