Coaching & Training

Our commitment doesn’t just stop at recruiting and selecting the ideal candidate. Aftercare like coaching and guidance are also important parts of our philosophy. Beautiful People examines what is needed within your organization and meets much more than just your demand.

The people who come to The Netherlands to look for safety, often have a great set of skills, but are also often set back by language barriers, lack of the right Dutch diplomas, or even just cultural barriers. We identify the area where the candidates need training and ensure that the they are encouraged to develop on these points. This will create a solid base for opportunities on the labor market.

In addition to the required training, we coach our candidates on various points and guide them during their career at your organization.

Beautiful People supports a sustainable labor market. A labor market where everyone is of value. The ideal candidate for a company / organization nearly impossible. We are happy to offer a company / organization the realistic candidate.

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